Building your company and career is our main goal.

With our know-how, professional approach and passion we shall be your strategic recruitment partner.



R.I.C.S. provides staff from the junior to the executive level in a cross-section of industries throughout the Europe. Our consultants are specialists in their respective fields and have years of experience in placing the right people in the right jobs.

“Recruitment” is a classic form of cooperation in which we combine database selection with an effective marketing strategy that is “tailor-made” for a specific client. In the first phase of each project, it is important for us to obtain from the client all the information that can help us quickly and effectively identify the most suitable candidates.


Outplacement service allows you to maintain a correct and positive image of your company when you lay off employees. Executive Outplacement is tailored to the needs of our customers and focuses on middle and senior management..

This comprehensive program covers all aspects from defining job positions to successfull interview and negotiating the terms and conditions of the employment contract.


If the key to unlocking an organization’s maximum performance and efficiency is its people, then effective recruitment and selection is the first vital step in building a winning team.

This unique service provides recruitment professionals and Line Managers with up-to-date information and skills and familiarizes them with internationally recognized best practice - from the planning and designing a new recruitment process to the job offer and induction process.

Our experienced consultants offer tailor-made trainings providing an overview of those areas crucial to effective and efficient recruitment and selection, with a particular focus on preparing for and conducting candidate interviews.